Annual meeting

The first Sustainable Economy forum will be held in Algiers

Algiers is the perfect location to gather leaders from the « north » and the « south ». Indeed it will be a symbol to hold this international event in an emerging country like Algeria.

The biggest country in Africa has also geographical ideal location, at the heart of the the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa).

The main CIC auditorium with 6000 seats is the biggest in Africa and the center has many rooms for side conferences. It has also vast spaces for exhibitions.

Algeria, with one of the best Human Development Index in Africa, will be the perfect location for this program.

The Sustainable Economy Forum Annual Meeting is the event that will gather World most responsible CEO’s and people who are working everyday to change our model.
The event will be built around conferences, debates and workshops.
The Annual Meeting will be held in Algiers, November the 6th and 7th.
The solution village will show the new technologies and practice that will help us make the world a place we want to live in.

The forum format


The main auditorium will be the stage of the main conferences.


12 workshops will be organized. One for every global goal.


The SE Forum will also organize private meetings to discuss specific matters.

Solutions village

An exhibition will be held during the Sustainable Economy Forum.